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This 5th grade daily spiral review is one of the easiest ways to make sure you are covering all the important grammar and vocabulary standards that your students need to know. This resource can be used as MORNING WORK, HOMEWORK, or as a CENTER ACTIVITY. With this spiral review, you will easily be able to PREVIEW and REVIEW all year long!

This resource is now EDITABLE!!! Easily edit the student pages using PowerPoint

This resource is designed to be used on a daily basis (Monday-Thursday) for up to 36 weeks. Each week has 20 (“5 a Day”) language skill items that can be done in class or assigned for homework and then discussed/corrected in class the following day. On Fridays, you can assess student learning with these 5th Grade Language Weekly Assessments, which align perfectly to each week’s content.

Skills Covered:

•Interpreting Similes and Metaphors (L.5.5a)

•The Origins and Meanings of Idioms (L.5.5b)

•Greek and Latin Affixes and Roots (L.5.4b)

•Spell Grade-Level Words Correctly (L.5.2e)

•Synonyms and Antonyms (L.5.5c)

•Form and Use Perfect Verb Tenses (L.5.1b & C)

•Recognize and Correct Verb Tenses (L.5.1d & C)

•Analogies- Word Relationships (L.5.5c)

•Titles of Work- Quotations, Underlines, and Italics (L.5.2d)

•Multiple Meaning Words (L.5.4c)

•Comma Usage (L.5.A-C)

•Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions (L.5.1a)

•Use a Pronunciation Key (L.5.4c)

•Adages and Proverbs (L.5.5b)

•Correlative Conjunctions (L.5.1e & L.5.3a)

•Prepositions and Verb Phrases (L.5.1e)

•Use Context Clues to Determine Word Meaning (L.5.4a)

What’s Included:

➔ 36 weeks of language review sheets

➔Detailed TEACHING NOTES that go over each task of the review.

➔A STUDENT HANDBOOK that details each standard covered in the review

➔ Covers all GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY standards

➔ Each week is printed on just one sheet of paper, with plenty of room for students to annotate and show their work!

ANSWER KEYS included

➔ Comes in two formats: PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint

Why You Will Love This Spiral Review:

♥ All student pages are 100% EDITABLE.

♥ Teachers get instant and constant feedback, which makes this the perfect PROGRESS MONITORING tool.

♥ It allows you to constantly assess student learning and thus guide formal instruction.

♥ With only 5 tasks a day, it won’t overwhelm your students and will save you time!

♥ It provides students with MEANINGFUL and CONSISTENT practice of important standards.

♥ Say goodbye to test-prep! Since you are reviewing all year long, you won’t need to spend any time on dreaded content related test-prep.

♥You can use this resourcewith other grade levels to allow for differentiating.

How Does This Differ From Other Spiral Reviews?

✔ You can easily EDIT in POWERPOINT, which is far more user-friendly than Word or Adobe. Cut, paste, or delete your way to the perfectly differentiated resource for your students.

✔ It follows a predictable sequence each week so students know exactly what is expected throughout the year. The topics are not constantly changing, which can lead to confusion.

✔ It does not selectively present topics or follow a predetermined scope and sequence, which gives it the flexibility to be used with any program or instructional schedule you are already implementing.

✔ No standards are pushed aside to introduce new content. You can have confidence that all topics will be covered every week, all year long!

✔ It includes a Student Handbook, which is a valuable reference resource that your students will use all year long!

✔ No extra “Show Your Work” pages needed. This review is formatted with work space built in, leaving plenty of room for students to annotate.

????????????DIGITAL Version Available: Click Here!

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  • Total Pages 165
  • Answer Key Included
  • Teaching Duration 1 Year


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5th Grade Daily Language Spiral Review • Teacher Thrive (2024)
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