Spider-Man Mod Allows Creation Of Any Spidey Variant With Over 1 Million Combinations (2024)


  • TangoTeds' mod offers over 1 million customizable combinations for Spider-Man suits, allowing players to design their ideal costume.
  • Players can customize details like web-shooter nozzles, shoe soles, and web wings and choose from a variety of colors.
  • While currently only available for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC, this mod adds a new level of customization and creativity for fans.

Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man games have included a wealth of suits from different types of media that the web-slinging superhero has appeared in over the last six decades, offering players the chance to explore its open-world Manhattan map - with Queens and Brooklyn added in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - in their favorite Spider-suits. While Insomniac's adaptations of many of these designs were met with high praise from fans, considering just how many comic artists have drawn the hero over the years, players will still have a preference when it comes to specific elements such as eyepieces of spider emblems.

Fortunately, modder TangoTeds has found a way to work around this and give players the chance to take matters into their own hands and design their ideal Spider-Man costume. The "Tango's Classic Suit - Build-Your Own (Modular)" mod on Nexus Mods promises over 1 million combinations to customize Peter Parker's Classic Suit, with elements from different eras and artist's designs, such as the 1960s and '70s spider-emblem which has its legs pointing down through to more recent designs with the 4-up, 4-down look, or eyepieces such as the smaller John Romita Sr. and Steve Ditko-esque looks through to the much larger Ultimate era from the 2000s.

YouTuber iVoltex has uploaded a video of the mod in action - check it out above.

The spider-emblems also come with white variants to match Insomniac's bold white logo design on its Advanced suits, which were created specifically for the Marvel's Spider-Man games.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Adding New Suits, Including Another Spider-Verse Crossover

Marvel's Spider-Man 2is getting a free update this month, bringing new and fan-favorite suits to the game.

TangoTeds' Suit Creator Lets Players Customize Their Suits Down To The Finest Detail

From Fabrics to Web-Shooter Nozzles

Spider-Man Mod Allows Creation Of Any Spidey Variant With Over 1 Million Combinations (2)

While spider-emblems and eyepieces are certainly prominent features, TangoTed's mod goes into far more detail with what players can customize. Elements that most won't even spot normally outside of the game's photo mode, such as the web-shooter nozzles or the soles of Peter's shoes can be changed, and players can also add the web wings from the classic comics to the design, which were teased in Marvel's Spider-Man's collectible backpacks before becoming a traversal mechanic in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

There's also an array of different colors to choose from between a primary and secondary color - which traditionally would be red for primary and blue for secondary. These include richer reds, or the more orangey ones like the default Advanced suit in the game, or even the choice to make the entire suit black by choosing Negative Black as a primary and Black as a secondary. There are also additional "Suit DLCs" that can make these custom suits cel-shaded or match the female character build that TangoTeds created for mods such as Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl, or Spider-Woman in the past.


Including its pre-order content and Digital Deluxe Edition, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features 39 different suits for Peter Parker to wear.

Mods Have Been A Great Way To Bring Fan-Favorite Suits To Marvel's Spider-Man

Modders Have Added Suits And Characters Insomniac Hasn't Yet

While mod support isn't as readily available on the PlayStation versions of the Marvel's Spider-Man titles, as soon as Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales launched on PC, modders were quick to get to work adding suits the community had been requesting. With the arrival of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, it was clear that there wouldn't be any more official suit releases coming to the previous entries in the series, so the community had free rein to add their own interpretations from comics and other media.

These included suits such as the one worn by Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, or the symbiotic black suits - both of which were included officially in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - as well as fan-favorites from the comics, such as the 2000s era Ultimate Spider-Man look by Mark Bagley, or the suit work by Ben Reilly in the Sensational Spider-Man run. TangoTeds has been a huge contributor to this, adding the suits from the recent Ultimate Spider-Man run by Jonathan Hickman, and taking it back to Peter Parker's first-ever appearance in 1962 with the Amazing Fantasy #15 suit, which has a homemade feel to it that perfectly suits both Steve Ditko's art style, and the teenage version of Peter Parker in that story.

TangoTeds has also added entire characters that have yet to appear in Insomniac's games, such as Gwen Stacy - with Ghost Spider outfits from the comics and the Across the Spider-Verse animated film -, Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Spider-Man timeline, both Mayday Parker and April Parker's versions of Spider-Girl, Mattie Franklin's Spider-Woman, and Cindy Moon's Silk. Insomniac has teased Cindy Moon's arrival in Marvel's Spider-Man 2's post-credits scene, suggesting that players may get to play as her web-slinging alter-ego Silk in a future title, but TangoTed's comics-accurate mod provides an early insight as to how Silk might fit into Insomniac's take on the Marvel universe.

Currently, TangoTed's customization mod is only for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC, but for those who have the game on PC and are fans of a particular Spider-Man era, it's certainly worth downloading. It would also be great if Insomniac could incorporate something similar as a suit slot in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 3, letting players choose between playing as their favorite comic or movie version of the suit, or a completely customized, unique design that takes elements from different eras and spins them into something special.

Source: Nexus Mods

Spider-Man Mod Allows Creation Of Any Spidey Variant With Over 1 Million Combinations (4)
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
PC , PS5

November 12, 2020

Insomniac Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Action-Adventure , Open-World

T For Teen Due To Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence

How Long To Beat
18 Hours


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Spider-Man Mod Allows Creation Of Any Spidey Variant With Over 1 Million Combinations (2024)
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